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PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEO We all know the old adage; ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and it couldn’t be a truer saying. Bring your campaigns, brochures and contents to life using inspirational photography. Specialising in architectural photography, our photographers understand the focal factors such as the use of correct lighting levels and placement angles to enhance an architectural feature. Using the weather and surrounding elements to visualise a nuance. We’ve worked for many years in fashion photography and all this has played a key factor in the campaigns we have worked on. Video content has become one of the most easy and versatile medias to amplify your message, this coupled with social media can create a lasting and far reaching marketing campaign. As the CEO of You Tube famously said, in the next few years 90% of all web traffic will be through video content. At Brando we can produce presentation videos, promotional videos, animated gifs or enhanced time lapse video. VIDEO
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